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Do you provide chauffeured services for any events other than weddings and school formals?

Sadly no. At Envoy Chauffeured, we specialise in chauffeured services for weddings and school formals only; that way, we can provide you with the highest levels of service and quality vehicles for that very special occasion.


Is Envoy Chauffeured licensed to operate as a wedding car service provider in the ACT and NSW?

Yes, we are accredited with the Australian Capital Territory Road Transport Authority and the New South Wales Department of Transport as a wedding and school formal service provider. Our Accreditation Numbers are: RHC092 (ACT) and 36096(NSW).


Why should I use an accredited operator for my wedding or formal, after all my brothers mate said he could do it for half the price?

All wedding and school formal hire car operators (within the ACT and in NSW) must be accredited by the Road Transport Authority/ Department of Transport. As there are no reciprocity agreements between the jurisdictions (ACT/NSW), wedding car operators must hold an accreditation in both the ACT and NSW if they wish to legally provide services in both jurisdictions.

You should always ensure that:
• any vehicle you wish to hire is registered (as a hire car or restricted hire car),
• the business is accredited and
• the driver is appropriate licensed.

If in doubt ask to see the business accreditation, the vehicle/s license, and the Drivers public vehicle driver authority, it’s not an imposition – it’s your right!


Can I use your classic cars for an industry event, photography work or a film?

Yes, our vehicles are available for film and photography work, advertising and industry events.


Your cars are a different and distinctive aren’t they?

Yes they are. Other than our Chrysler 300C, our Mercedes-Benz vehicles are very unique – you could probably say they are exclusive to Envoy Chauffeured! To the best of our knowledge, there are no other accredited wedding car providers in Australia that have both these vehicles in their fleet.

So your choice will be truly one of a kind!


My wedding is planned for a Friday morning, are you available?

Yes, our vehicles are available seven days week, and on any day of the year!


How many people can I fit into your vehicles?

Each of our vehicles is licensed to seat four adults plus the chauffeur. However, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements, so that we may assist you in your selection of seating (within our vehicles) to ensure that all of your guests are seated in comfort. However, the final choice is always yours.


How long do we need to hire the vehicles for on our special day?

This is entirely up to you (our minimum booking is 3 hours for weddings). Our experience has shown that on average most weddings in the Canberra region are typically booked for 3 to 5hours.

Generally, a wedding service, sees a vehicle/s booked to take the Bride and her bridal party to the ceremony, then on to the various photo locations and then to the reception venue. Many couples are also including night transfers, in their package, just to add that special touch to the evening.


Why is there no price list on your website?

We recognise that every special occasion is different, and that your vehicle requirements are unique. We encourage you to contact us by email info@envoychauffeured.com.au or phone on 6140 1088 to discuss your chauffeured requirements. We will then provide you with an accurate (and obligation free) quote for your service.


What areas do you cover?

The majority of our weddings are within the ACT and surrounding region (Canberra and Queanbeyan).

Should your wedding fall outside of these areas, for example, in Sydney or costal/ regional NSW please let us know when you enquire about our availability, and we will advise if we can accommodate your special requirements.


What is included in the price of your chauffeured service and what do you carry/supply with the vehicles?

Each of our vehicles is licensed and insured and is driven by an experienced and uniformed chauffer who has been handpicked by us to ensure the highest level of professionalism and client service.

On your special day, the vehicles will arrive at your nominated location (on or before time), with premium white satin ribbons, and a red carpet for your arrival at your ceremony - just to set off that special entrance and most importantly to protect your precious gown. We also carry champagne flutes, glasses and complementary refreshments for the bridal party.

In the unlikely event of bad weather or an emergency, we have a number of matching large umbrellas, first aid and sewing kits (in each vehicle). We also carry an assortment of other items to make your day travel smoothly (such as bobby pins, hair spray and a spray bottle of water to keep your flowers fresh)

We recognise that you may like a particular drink (we offer you the choice of premium sparkling wine or beer, wine, juice or soft drink) or different colour ribbons. As with any part of our service, we are happy to customise our service to meet your requirements.


Are the vehicles available for inspection?

Yes, we welcome vehicle viewings. Whist viewings are by appointment only; we do take evening appointments for your convenience.


When (and how) should I book the vehicles?

As long in advance as possible, many of our brides have booked 9 to 12 months in advance! Once you have made your choice to use a professional chauffeur, you should consider booking your vehicle/s.

To make a vehicle booking with Envoy Chauffeured (or if you are getting close to your wedding day) please email us at info@envoychauffeured.com.au or call on 6140 1088 so that we discuss your individual requirements and advise you of the vehicles availability.


When do I need to pay for my service?

A non-refundable deposit of $100 will need to paid within seven days, to secure the vehicle/s booking.

A final payment is due one month prior to your vehicle hire.

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